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Minutes from Glasgow gathering
April 21, 2008, 3:16 pm
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Minutes have been prepared and sent out. Here are the key decisions:

(Find full minutes attached)

That the mass action group can begin research and reccying, and will bring
proposals about their role and remit to the next gathering in May (in
advance of the meeting)

Postgraduate student from York University requests permission to carry out
research at the camp, on the basis that he won’t record discussions or
meetings without explicit permission from participants.

Process Budget of £750

The Caravan Group will fundraise and generate income, which will be added
to the Climate Camp’s funds. The net cost to the Climate Camp at any point
in time will not exceed 1200.

Networking budget will be 7050 until they present a coherent strategy.
Networking will not be allowed to spend more than 40% of available Camp

Contract with the Activist Tat Collective (see minutes for full text).

Biofuels Group to be given provisional budget of £500 pending detailed


Climate Camp gathering evaluation forms
April 13, 2008, 7:15 pm
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The results are in. I just finished collating the evaluation forms from the gathering and here they are:

Evaluation Forms – National Climate Camp Gathering, April 5-6 2008 Glasgow

What did you enjoy most about this gathering?
1 party – yes!, the kids, food, meetings
2 Discussion and consensus decision-making very empowering, exciting to meet people who have been on direct action
3 the party!!, I sorted out what I am going to organise and now know what I’m going away and doing
4 Parties are fun. Dangerous, but fun. Both more and less parties. Less in number but more in volume.
5 Loadsa food, pretty chilled vibe, great party, good dancing
6 kids space time, starting to get my head around what we need to do to make the camp happen, working group meetings, food!
7 social networking
8 Saturday morning
9 Really nice welcome, good food, good kids space, mostly really good and friendly facilitation, really good social on Saturday night
10 The party on Saturday – top venue and music, the lovely organised facilitation team
11 Welcoming, spacious, fun, we accomplished stuff, kids were well looked after
12 the beautiful venue
13 site handover and working group time
14 nice venue, amazing food, stuck to time limits more or less, brilliant music at the party
15 company, party the venue, space, warmth, excellent food
16 Excellent venue, good agenda plan, good bar and party
17 Consensus, meeting people, seeing Glasgow, party

What did you enjoy least?
1 the bus
2 feeling tired!
3 the afternoon of DOOM and never ending meetings (Sat.) – have mercy!
4 Floors are rubbish beds.
5 Got tired out
6 missing my train on the way here, Saturday afternoon discussion of mass action group
7 Saturday afternoon was a complete waste of air. Lots of aimless talking. Poorly facilitated/managed – need a facilitation group. Lack of quiet sleep space – music till 3am.
8 Finance in the big group never a good idea.
9 I would get rid of this box
10 The meetings were long and not diverse models. We should not plan meetings to run past 5.30m – only go past 6pm if essential. It’s too much for people.
11 frustration of long tiring discussions, lack of cake!
12 no outside area connected to the space
13 venue – lack of daylight/break out space
14 hearing the same people speak in meetings and repeating thigns over and over, group contract was not stuck to!
15 Unfortunate process – clarification failures
17 A few more open space sessions rather than open discussions as some of them allowed people to get over critical.

For each of the following statements please mark which is the most appropriate description:

I understood the issues being discussed.
– strongly agree: 12
– agree: 4
– disagree: 1
– strongly disagree:

I felt able to contribute.
– strongly agree: 8
– agree: 8
– disagree: 1
– strongly disagree:

The facilitators did a good job.
– strongly agree: 10

– agree: 6
– disagree: 1
– strongly disagree:

What could we have done better?
1 welcoming, in a broader sense, to newcomers (ie: where we are, how we work, name round, etc)
3 quicker decisions = less repetition of points
4 A display on the wall of agenda for reference (maybe you had one, must didn’t see it)
5 Some lovely Zapatista coffee and salt and pepper!
6 Working group meetings could have been scheduled better (ie: which were meeting after lunch, which before, which parallel, etc)
7 It is not fair on hosts to have to manage facilitation! More beer at the bar!
8 Small side group for ALL finance questions.
9 Perhaps 2am curfew on noise (dj), less stairs (tehehe)
10 We could have planned to stop at 5.30pm. We could have broken out more.
11 More cake and get Westons Cider!
14 Even though I knew it would be loud and partying on Saturday night – would have been better if music could have been a little lower after say 2am? Just because the wall was so thin. Being an organiser meant that I had to sleep here but am now knackered from 2 sleepless nights.
15 Facilitators (emphasis on WE)

Any other comments?
1 We don’t want to lose the enthusiasm we’ve worked so hard to attract
3 Good venue
5 Get evaluation forms done before everyone is walking out the door
6 Really great – thanks so much!
7 Event was clearly put on by hard working committed people who did a great job. Facilitation was a problem that the camp gatherings need to deal with.
8 Most excellent!
9 Thank you for a really lovely gathering
10 We thought there was a trip for Monday, but we don’t seem to be going now. Scotland did really really well to take such good care of us. Thanks!
14 Facilitators’ job made harder because only provided with info 15 minutes beforehand. Good work me and you! We should do this again sometime!
16 Thank you!

Feedback from 17 out of 80 isn’t ideal, but about par for the course. Most comments are in line with how I felt things went. For example, there were problems with facilitation on Saturday afternoon, but this was mainly due to not receiving proposals in advance and the stress of having to organise and logistics and all the facilitation.

It turns out we know how to throw a good party but not when to turn the volume down!

Money from the gathering
April 11, 2008, 10:30 am
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Most of the bills are paid and it looks like we made clost to £700 at the gathering – much better than initially fearing that we might not break even!! The bar was responsible for a lot of this, but managing to get our entire deposit back helped too. Maybe we will finally get a proper marquee…

Photos from the gathering
April 7, 2008, 9:47 pm
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Here are a few photos from the gathering.  Only from setup and the party as it would have been quite inappropriate to try and get photos during the meeting itself.

Welcome desk:

Compost and recycling:

Kids space during day, crash space at night:

kids space

A well stocked bar:

Late into Saturday evening:

late into the evening...

Agenda for the Glasgow Climate Camp Gathering
March 30, 2008, 6:50 pm
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The agenda is finally finished for the gathering next weekend. It has been a long and frustrating process, but here it is:

Agenda: Climate Camp Gathering April 5-6 2008, Glasgow

Saturday April 6th

10.30am – Intro to consensus/meetings for new folks
Facilitators: Shannon and Rose

11am START

11.00– Welcome & housekeeping
Facilitators: Tilly and Sophie TP

11.15– Where we’re at: Summary of decisions from Nottingham gathering
Facilitators: Mel and Shannon

11.30 – Site group handover
Facilitators: Site group


14.30– Action updates: review of Fossil Fools Day & looking to future days of action
Facilitators: Beth and Oli

15.00– Mass action proposals & discussion
Facilitators: Mel and Oli


17.30 – Researcher’s proposal
Facilitators: Beth and Sophie TP

17.40 – Police liaison feedback/handover
Facilitators: Beth and Sophie TP

18.00 – Finance proposals
– process group budget
– caravan group budget
– biofuels group budget
– networking group budget
– activist tat collective contract
Facilitators: Shannon and Lucy


Sunday April 6th

10.00 – Housekeeping
Facilitator: Shannon

10.10 – Workshops brainstorm
Facilitator: Sophie (Leeds)

10.40 – Introduction to working groups
Facilitators: Rose, Beth and Sophie TP

11.10 – Working group time


14.00 – Working group time

15.00 – Working group feedback
Facilitators: Oli and Tilly

16.30 – Cycle rack (otherwise known as the ‘parking lot’!)
time for other issues that come up over the weekend
Facilitators: to be decided

17.40 – Location for June gathering and announcements
Facilitator: Lucy


Climate Camp photo exhibit
March 27, 2008, 7:57 pm
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After some technical difficulties, this is attempt #3 at this post.  I’ll keep it short this time.

Look!  I put the Climate Camp photo exhibit up in the Forest today:

Getting it to Edinburgh meant escaping a training session in Manchester for a quick jaunt to Sheffield and back.  Of course, when I planned all this I didn’t know the exhibit is stored in what might be the most awkward and heavy carrying cases ever created.

Somehow I made it home with everything intact.  The exhibit will be up alongside posters advertising the Glasgow gathering until next weekend.  Another part of our attempt to get new Scottish folks involved in organising and attending the camp.

Kitchen coordination for Glasgow Climate Camp gathering
March 21, 2008, 10:17 pm
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This week I’ve been working to get food related things sorted for the gathering.  Here’s how it looks:

Green City order = approx £271.50

  • soya milk (24L) – 2 x smprnsa – £25

  • tea – 440 – tebroetb – £10.50

  • coffee – 500g instant – coinclia – £12.65

  • sugar (1.5kg) – 2x1kg – stsugoe – £4.40

  • margarine (2kg) – masusoyb – £4.25

  • jam – 2 x 6x284g cherry/berry – fsmechbo – £15.20

  • peanut butter – 3kg – nbcpwsoa – £13.10

  • museli – 2x3kg – bcdeluxd – £8.30

  • porridge – 2x3kg – oaporogd – £7.60

  • bread (10 loaves) —

total (without bread) = £101

  • soup stock – 900g – ffbouoa – £9.10

  • vegan mayonnaise – 2.5kg – maypla – £7.70

  • sesame seeds – 1kg – sesesoe – £2.40

  • pumpkin seeds – 1kg = sepumoe – £3.15

  • sunflower seeds – 1kg – sesunoe – £2.30

  • couscous – 3kg – gpcouod – £5.40 (maybe only need 1)

  • sunflower oil – 3L – oisunca – £3.75 (not organic)

  • xv olive oil – 3L – oiolihaa – £12.75 (not ogranic)

  • cashews – 1kg – nucasle – £4.50 (not organic)

  • balsamic vinegar – vivinbca – £6.75 (could get cheap oil elsewhere?)

total = approx £63.30

  • kidney beans – 2x3kg – bprkbod – £8

  • chickpeas – 2x3kg – bpchiod – £8.80

  • chopped tomatoes 2 x 6×2.5kg – totomcha – £19.40

  • tomato puree – 6x1kg – topuroba – £12.55

  • tvp – 3kg – metvnmid – £6.40

  • pasta – 12x500g penne – pawpenlb – £10.35

  • rice (long grain brown) – 10kg – ribsgoc – £11.75

  • creamed coconut milk – 12x200g – cmcocobb – £8.00

  • red lentils – 3kg – bplenrod – £4.60

  • canned corn – 12x326g – cvswcor – £7.95

total = approx £92.20

  • med madras curry powder – 1kg – hbcurm – £2.95

  • garam masala – 1kg – hbgara – £2.90

  • ground coriander – 1kg – hbcorg – £2.65

  • mixed herbs – 500g – hbmixh – £2.95

  • paprika – 1kg – hbpap – £3.50

total = approx £15

BOOZE (not included in overall totals)

  • organic golden promise ale – 4x8x500ml – abgolpro = £51.60 (sell @ £2.30 – cost £1.61)

Grow Wild order: = approx £180

  • 20kg carrots

  • 25 mini cucumbers

  • 25kg potatoes

  • 10kg onions

  • 6kg broccoli

  • 5kg green pepper

  • 3kg white mushrooms

  • 10kg white cabbage

  • 10 heads red cabbage

  • 24 heads lettuce

  • 11kg apples

  • (approx 15kg veg/meal)

  • 6 heads lettuce/meal

To buy from green grocer:

  • garlic (15 bulbs)

  • coriander (8 bunches)

  • lemon juice

  • parsley (3 bunches)

  • mustard

  • cumin

  • chilli powder

  • soya sauce (1L)

  • salt

  • pepper

total = approx £20-25

From home:

  • cinnamon

  • raisins

  • bay leaves

  • flour

  • marjoram

From Forest:

  • 5kg leeks – £14

  • onions – £5

  • yeast flakes – £1.50

  • rooibos tea – £3

  • lemon and ginger tea x 2 = £2

  • extra creamed coconut x5 = £2.50

  • 6 heads lettuce?

total = approx £28

TOTAL = approx £469.50

**Skipping missions for bread!!!! Approximately 40 loaves needed.


Friday dinner – Shannon (+ help??)

  • pasta (tomato sauce with onion, broccoli, peppers, carrot, tvp)

  • green salad

  • potato salad (with mayo, mustard, onion and parsley)

Saturday breakfast – Tilly

  • porridge (with raisins, cinnamon, some soya milk, maybe apples and seeds)

  • set up museli, breads, spreads, etc

Saturday lunch – Sophie B and Yas

  • carrot and coriander soup

  • spicy veg and coconut soup

  • coleslaw (red cabbage, white cabbage, grated carrot, toasted sesame seeds)

  • green salad (approx 1L dressing for 50ppl – 1 part vinegar to 3-5 part oil)

  • bread

Saturday dinner – Katie and Cathy

  • chilli

  • rice

  • green salad

  • couscous salad

Sunday breakfast – Mel

  • porridge (with raisins, cinnamon, some soya milk and seeds)

  • set up museli, breads, spreads, etc

Sunday lunch – Sam and Oli

  • leek and potato soup

  • lentil soup

  • bean salad (mixed beans with onion, veg, carrots, coriander and vinaigrette)

  • green salad

Sunday dinner – Shannon and Nat

  • satay curry thing

  • couscous salad

  • rice

  • green salad

Monday breakfast – Shannon?

extra cooking people:

  • Rox (Saturday & Sunday lunch)

  • Jon

  • Sophie

The Forest has a bunch of wine and beer leftover from the Festival last August. It is set to expire before this year’s Festival, so we’re going to take it off their hands at slightly below cost. This is good for everyone involved as it means we don’t have to guess at booze quantities and get stuck with a bunch of beer afterwards and the Forest gets some of the money back they spent ordering the beer in the first place. Cairn O’Mohr fruit wine and Fraoch for everyone!

Normally I’m not this methodical when doing food orders. Usually it’s to top up the Forest stock or the first of several big Climate Camp orders. Thus, I don’t need to be exact as there’ll be another order to even things out soon enough. Since we don’t really have anywhere to get rid of extra food afterwards I sat down and calculated everything for 60-70 people. Of course, we also don’t know how many people will turn up, which makes things difficult.

It was also important to keep prices down. We’re asking for a suggested donation of £10 to cover food for the weekend. We’ll cover costs if 50 people turn up, but we really don’t know. I’ve received about 20 RSVPs at the gathering email address, but this is a notoriously unreliable way of judging how many people will come to the gathering. So, now I sit here nervously hoping that we get enough heads through the door to break even but no so many that we run out of food!