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Agenda for the Glasgow Climate Camp Gathering
March 30, 2008, 6:50 pm
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The agenda is finally finished for the gathering next weekend. It has been a long and frustrating process, but here it is:

Agenda: Climate Camp Gathering April 5-6 2008, Glasgow

Saturday April 6th

10.30am – Intro to consensus/meetings for new folks
Facilitators: Shannon and Rose

11am START

11.00– Welcome & housekeeping
Facilitators: Tilly and Sophie TP

11.15– Where we’re at: Summary of decisions from Nottingham gathering
Facilitators: Mel and Shannon

11.30 – Site group handover
Facilitators: Site group


14.30– Action updates: review of Fossil Fools Day & looking to future days of action
Facilitators: Beth and Oli

15.00– Mass action proposals & discussion
Facilitators: Mel and Oli


17.30 – Researcher’s proposal
Facilitators: Beth and Sophie TP

17.40 – Police liaison feedback/handover
Facilitators: Beth and Sophie TP

18.00 – Finance proposals
– process group budget
– caravan group budget
– biofuels group budget
– networking group budget
– activist tat collective contract
Facilitators: Shannon and Lucy


Sunday April 6th

10.00 – Housekeeping
Facilitator: Shannon

10.10 – Workshops brainstorm
Facilitator: Sophie (Leeds)

10.40 – Introduction to working groups
Facilitators: Rose, Beth and Sophie TP

11.10 – Working group time


14.00 – Working group time

15.00 – Working group feedback
Facilitators: Oli and Tilly

16.30 – Cycle rack (otherwise known as the ‘parking lot’!)
time for other issues that come up over the weekend
Facilitators: to be decided

17.40 – Location for June gathering and announcements
Facilitator: Lucy



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