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Facilitation training success
March 18, 2008, 1:56 pm
Filed under: reflective log

Yesterday was the facilitation training and everything seemed to go well. Rhiannon was really pleased with the turnout (20 people) and was enthusiastic about how the group up here seems to be developing. She also seemed confident that Lucy and I are capable of organising our own facilitation trainings in the future, which was encouraging to hear.

I found the sections I facilitated a bit nerve racking but feel better for having done it. The first section was just an introduction and then an explanation of some key things to keep in mind when giving and receiving constructive criticism. In the afternoon I facilitated an exercise looking at different techniques (fish bowls, spokes councils, go-rounds, spectrum lines, etc). The popular education session came into play here and I was able to input some things I learned during class as well.

It was a very long day as I was up and at the Forest by 8am to prepare lunch. The night before Rhiannon and I prepared flipcharts, divided up the facilitation and came up with examples for different exercises. Lucy came along and helped with shifting everything upstairs, getting tea ready, shifting chairs and photocopying handouts. Miraculously, we started just about on time and stuck to time limits for most of the day.

Afterwards, I cooked dinner for Rhiannon and her partner and we chatted more about movement building in Scotland. I came away feeling good about how things are coming along. It was really nice to have Rhiannon’s outside input as it can be easy to get bogged down and lose perspective when you’re so involved and close to what’s happening.


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