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Agenda and facilitation hassle
March 30, 2008, 8:04 pm
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Oli, Tilly, Sophie TP, Mel and I had a meeting on Saturday to start working on the agenda. We ended up being there for about seven hours. Most of the difficulty stemmed from the fact that almost no one has bothered to send in proper proposals.

We knew that site group wanted a couple of hours and would take care of it themselves (great), there was a rumour that workshops wanted to do something, some scant details on budget proposals for a variety of working groups/projects and a mystery proposal from a closed mass action group. We had very few of the details necessary to work out the best order to do things or how long each session should last.

Also looming large was the threat of everything going off the rails due to a series of disagreements and an emergency meeting between the biofuels group and the networking group. After near disaster, the two groups had agreed for biofuels to do their own publicity instead of networking giving ‘equal weight’ to both. So, biofuels would now need a budget for publicity and this would need to be explained to the gathering without getting into the contentious and messy details (which had already been hashed out over email and through a series of other meetings).

The plan is to explain the barebones of the networking/biofuels debacle in the context of the request for a new budget. Of course, this means taking finance decisions to the main group which can also be scary. On the other hand, it’s good for new people to have an idea of how financial stuff is sorted and we expect there to be quite a lot of new people at the gathering.

For now, we’re going with this and frantically sending off emails to different groups, begging for more details. It’s pretty much impossible to plan the facilitation until we have more information. This is incredibly frustrating as there are loads of logistical things to be done. We’ve worked really hard at staying on top of things and now it feels like we’re behind because no one else has their stuff together.


Agenda for the Glasgow Climate Camp Gathering
March 30, 2008, 6:50 pm
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The agenda is finally finished for the gathering next weekend. It has been a long and frustrating process, but here it is:

Agenda: Climate Camp Gathering April 5-6 2008, Glasgow

Saturday April 6th

10.30am – Intro to consensus/meetings for new folks
Facilitators: Shannon and Rose

11am START

11.00– Welcome & housekeeping
Facilitators: Tilly and Sophie TP

11.15– Where we’re at: Summary of decisions from Nottingham gathering
Facilitators: Mel and Shannon

11.30 – Site group handover
Facilitators: Site group


14.30– Action updates: review of Fossil Fools Day & looking to future days of action
Facilitators: Beth and Oli

15.00– Mass action proposals & discussion
Facilitators: Mel and Oli


17.30 – Researcher’s proposal
Facilitators: Beth and Sophie TP

17.40 – Police liaison feedback/handover
Facilitators: Beth and Sophie TP

18.00 – Finance proposals
– process group budget
– caravan group budget
– biofuels group budget
– networking group budget
– activist tat collective contract
Facilitators: Shannon and Lucy


Sunday April 6th

10.00 – Housekeeping
Facilitator: Shannon

10.10 – Workshops brainstorm
Facilitator: Sophie (Leeds)

10.40 – Introduction to working groups
Facilitators: Rose, Beth and Sophie TP

11.10 – Working group time


14.00 – Working group time

15.00 – Working group feedback
Facilitators: Oli and Tilly

16.30 – Cycle rack (otherwise known as the ‘parking lot’!)
time for other issues that come up over the weekend
Facilitators: to be decided

17.40 – Location for June gathering and announcements
Facilitator: Lucy


Climate Camp photo exhibit
March 27, 2008, 7:57 pm
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After some technical difficulties, this is attempt #3 at this post.  I’ll keep it short this time.

Look!  I put the Climate Camp photo exhibit up in the Forest today:

Getting it to Edinburgh meant escaping a training session in Manchester for a quick jaunt to Sheffield and back.  Of course, when I planned all this I didn’t know the exhibit is stored in what might be the most awkward and heavy carrying cases ever created.

Somehow I made it home with everything intact.  The exhibit will be up alongside posters advertising the Glasgow gathering until next weekend.  Another part of our attempt to get new Scottish folks involved in organising and attending the camp.

Kitchen coordination for Glasgow Climate Camp gathering
March 21, 2008, 10:17 pm
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This week I’ve been working to get food related things sorted for the gathering.  Here’s how it looks:

Green City order = approx £271.50

  • soya milk (24L) – 2 x smprnsa – £25

  • tea – 440 – tebroetb – £10.50

  • coffee – 500g instant – coinclia – £12.65

  • sugar (1.5kg) – 2x1kg – stsugoe – £4.40

  • margarine (2kg) – masusoyb – £4.25

  • jam – 2 x 6x284g cherry/berry – fsmechbo – £15.20

  • peanut butter – 3kg – nbcpwsoa – £13.10

  • museli – 2x3kg – bcdeluxd – £8.30

  • porridge – 2x3kg – oaporogd – £7.60

  • bread (10 loaves) —

total (without bread) = £101

  • soup stock – 900g – ffbouoa – £9.10

  • vegan mayonnaise – 2.5kg – maypla – £7.70

  • sesame seeds – 1kg – sesesoe – £2.40

  • pumpkin seeds – 1kg = sepumoe – £3.15

  • sunflower seeds – 1kg – sesunoe – £2.30

  • couscous – 3kg – gpcouod – £5.40 (maybe only need 1)

  • sunflower oil – 3L – oisunca – £3.75 (not organic)

  • xv olive oil – 3L – oiolihaa – £12.75 (not ogranic)

  • cashews – 1kg – nucasle – £4.50 (not organic)

  • balsamic vinegar – vivinbca – £6.75 (could get cheap oil elsewhere?)

total = approx £63.30

  • kidney beans – 2x3kg – bprkbod – £8

  • chickpeas – 2x3kg – bpchiod – £8.80

  • chopped tomatoes 2 x 6×2.5kg – totomcha – £19.40

  • tomato puree – 6x1kg – topuroba – £12.55

  • tvp – 3kg – metvnmid – £6.40

  • pasta – 12x500g penne – pawpenlb – £10.35

  • rice (long grain brown) – 10kg – ribsgoc – £11.75

  • creamed coconut milk – 12x200g – cmcocobb – £8.00

  • red lentils – 3kg – bplenrod – £4.60

  • canned corn – 12x326g – cvswcor – £7.95

total = approx £92.20

  • med madras curry powder – 1kg – hbcurm – £2.95

  • garam masala – 1kg – hbgara – £2.90

  • ground coriander – 1kg – hbcorg – £2.65

  • mixed herbs – 500g – hbmixh – £2.95

  • paprika – 1kg – hbpap – £3.50

total = approx £15

BOOZE (not included in overall totals)

  • organic golden promise ale – 4x8x500ml – abgolpro = £51.60 (sell @ £2.30 – cost £1.61)

Grow Wild order: = approx £180

  • 20kg carrots

  • 25 mini cucumbers

  • 25kg potatoes

  • 10kg onions

  • 6kg broccoli

  • 5kg green pepper

  • 3kg white mushrooms

  • 10kg white cabbage

  • 10 heads red cabbage

  • 24 heads lettuce

  • 11kg apples

  • (approx 15kg veg/meal)

  • 6 heads lettuce/meal

To buy from green grocer:

  • garlic (15 bulbs)

  • coriander (8 bunches)

  • lemon juice

  • parsley (3 bunches)

  • mustard

  • cumin

  • chilli powder

  • soya sauce (1L)

  • salt

  • pepper

total = approx £20-25

From home:

  • cinnamon

  • raisins

  • bay leaves

  • flour

  • marjoram

From Forest:

  • 5kg leeks – £14

  • onions – £5

  • yeast flakes – £1.50

  • rooibos tea – £3

  • lemon and ginger tea x 2 = £2

  • extra creamed coconut x5 = £2.50

  • 6 heads lettuce?

total = approx £28

TOTAL = approx £469.50

**Skipping missions for bread!!!! Approximately 40 loaves needed.


Friday dinner – Shannon (+ help??)

  • pasta (tomato sauce with onion, broccoli, peppers, carrot, tvp)

  • green salad

  • potato salad (with mayo, mustard, onion and parsley)

Saturday breakfast – Tilly

  • porridge (with raisins, cinnamon, some soya milk, maybe apples and seeds)

  • set up museli, breads, spreads, etc

Saturday lunch – Sophie B and Yas

  • carrot and coriander soup

  • spicy veg and coconut soup

  • coleslaw (red cabbage, white cabbage, grated carrot, toasted sesame seeds)

  • green salad (approx 1L dressing for 50ppl – 1 part vinegar to 3-5 part oil)

  • bread

Saturday dinner – Katie and Cathy

  • chilli

  • rice

  • green salad

  • couscous salad

Sunday breakfast – Mel

  • porridge (with raisins, cinnamon, some soya milk and seeds)

  • set up museli, breads, spreads, etc

Sunday lunch – Sam and Oli

  • leek and potato soup

  • lentil soup

  • bean salad (mixed beans with onion, veg, carrots, coriander and vinaigrette)

  • green salad

Sunday dinner – Shannon and Nat

  • satay curry thing

  • couscous salad

  • rice

  • green salad

Monday breakfast – Shannon?

extra cooking people:

  • Rox (Saturday & Sunday lunch)

  • Jon

  • Sophie

The Forest has a bunch of wine and beer leftover from the Festival last August. It is set to expire before this year’s Festival, so we’re going to take it off their hands at slightly below cost. This is good for everyone involved as it means we don’t have to guess at booze quantities and get stuck with a bunch of beer afterwards and the Forest gets some of the money back they spent ordering the beer in the first place. Cairn O’Mohr fruit wine and Fraoch for everyone!

Normally I’m not this methodical when doing food orders. Usually it’s to top up the Forest stock or the first of several big Climate Camp orders. Thus, I don’t need to be exact as there’ll be another order to even things out soon enough. Since we don’t really have anywhere to get rid of extra food afterwards I sat down and calculated everything for 60-70 people. Of course, we also don’t know how many people will turn up, which makes things difficult.

It was also important to keep prices down. We’re asking for a suggested donation of £10 to cover food for the weekend. We’ll cover costs if 50 people turn up, but we really don’t know. I’ve received about 20 RSVPs at the gathering email address, but this is a notoriously unreliable way of judging how many people will come to the gathering. So, now I sit here nervously hoping that we get enough heads through the door to break even but no so many that we run out of food!

Facilitation training success
March 18, 2008, 1:56 pm
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Yesterday was the facilitation training and everything seemed to go well. Rhiannon was really pleased with the turnout (20 people) and was enthusiastic about how the group up here seems to be developing. She also seemed confident that Lucy and I are capable of organising our own facilitation trainings in the future, which was encouraging to hear.

I found the sections I facilitated a bit nerve racking but feel better for having done it. The first section was just an introduction and then an explanation of some key things to keep in mind when giving and receiving constructive criticism. In the afternoon I facilitated an exercise looking at different techniques (fish bowls, spokes councils, go-rounds, spectrum lines, etc). The popular education session came into play here and I was able to input some things I learned during class as well.

It was a very long day as I was up and at the Forest by 8am to prepare lunch. The night before Rhiannon and I prepared flipcharts, divided up the facilitation and came up with examples for different exercises. Lucy came along and helped with shifting everything upstairs, getting tea ready, shifting chairs and photocopying handouts. Miraculously, we started just about on time and stuck to time limits for most of the day.

Afterwards, I cooked dinner for Rhiannon and her partner and we chatted more about movement building in Scotland. I came away feeling good about how things are coming along. It was really nice to have Rhiannon’s outside input as it can be easy to get bogged down and lose perspective when you’re so involved and close to what’s happening.

Invitation to national Climate Camp gathering: April 5-6 Glasgow and call out for agenda items
March 12, 2008, 3:05 pm
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Here is the email I wrote for the gathering:

The next Climate Camp gathering is heading north to Scotland on April 5-6. The meeting/sleeping/socialising will all take place at Carnival Arts Centre, 34 Albion Street Glasgow. This is in Merchant City and about a ten minute walk from Buchanan Street bus station/Queen Street train
station. See this map.

Proposed agenda items should be in by Monday March 24th. See the Climate Camp website for guidelines on agenda items.

The venue and sleeping space are both accessible. Accommodation will be crash pad and available from Friday night. Should you really need a bed for some reason be sure to get in touch. If you do not let us know in advance, we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to find you an alternative.

The organising team is working hard to make the gathering as kid friendly as possible. There will be an early to bed sleeping space at another venue, and a kids space throughout the weekend. If you are planning to bring kids, please get in touch so we can better plan activities.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided Saturday and Sunday. Everything will be vegan and mostly organic. Get in touch if you have allergy concerns.

We will be asking for a suggested donation (unless you really can’t afford it) of £5 to cover the venue and £10 to cover food. There will also be a travel pool. The idea is that people with more money or lower travel costs contribute towards the costs of people with less money or higher travel costs. Please contribute if you can afford it.

There will be a film night and introduction to Climate Camp on Friday evening. Also, exciting things are brewing for Monday. If you can stick around an extra day, bring your bike and join in on a critical mass to a site of some importance… Alternative transportation will be available for those who can’t or don’t want to bike.

It would be extremely useful if anyone planning on attending all or part of the weekend could let us know. This will help in buying food, booze and lots of other things too. RSVPs and all other queries/info should be directed to That is ‘gathering’ NOT
‘gatherings’ (the old email address has been nuked).

See you in Glasgow!!

Scottish climate action crew

I have been checking the ‘gathering@climatecamp’ email address and will continue until this gathering is over.

Facilitation training to prepare for the CC national gathering
March 12, 2008, 9:25 am
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I have been organising a facilitation training in Edinburgh. Many people in the group are keen to get involved in facilitating larger meetings, but there seems to be a lack of experience/confidence. The idea is to help build confidence in the lead up to the national Climate Camp gathering in Glasgow. We’ll be putting the agenda together and organising facilitation, so it’s a good opportunity to brush up and gain new skills in advance of this. Below is one of the emails I sent out advertising the training:

Hello everyone,

There will be a large group facilitation training
happening this Monday, March 17th, from 10.30-5pm,
upstairs at the Forest. It is being organised to
skill up Scottish folk in advance of the Climate Camp
gathering in Glasgow on April 5-6, but you do not need
to be involved in the camp to come along.

Rhiannon from Seeds for Change
( will be along to lead the
workshop. I highly recommend it. I went to a
training last spring and it was excellent.

The training is being offered free, though we will be
asking for donations from anyone who can afford it, in
order to cover transportation costs. This will be
less than £5 and is not obligatory if you really don’t
have the cash. I’m also planning on putting together
a soup and salad type lunch for about £2 each.

Please email me if you would like to attend. Knowing
numbers will help us plan the workshop better. Also,
the training is intended for people with some previous
knowledge/experience with facilitation. If this is
not you and you would still like to come, please get
in touch. It is possible that we could do an
introduction to facilitation workshop if there is the



Rhiannon will act as the main facilitator, with Lucy and I (from the Scottish group) taking on the facilitation for a few of the exercises. I have been responsible for the rest of the organisation (booking and preparing the venue, organising accommodation and food for Rhainnon, planning and cooking lunch on the day and publicity).