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February 14, 2008, 8:44 pm
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I keep working away on Climate Camp stuff for this portfolio, but I haven’t really been giving much thought to how it actually relates to the values and themes discussed in the assessment. Of course the Climate Camp’s aims are very much related to the course themes: sustainable living, education, direct action and movement building. But how does this relate to organising and promoting one of the gatherings?

I think the whole reason we decided to take on this gathering is an exercise in movement building. We’ve been working really hard the past couple of years to build capacity in Scotland, particularly Edinburgh, and this is a way to extend that. We’re planning an information event on the Friday evening and I am hoping to get the Climate Camp photo exhibit to put up at the Forest beforehand. Getting What Better Time? printed regularly fits into this too.

In terms of education, I think a lot of us will be getting a crash course in large group facilitation at the gathering. The workshop I’m organising is an attempt to skill up in advance. Agenda and facilitation planning on this scale will also be something relatively new for most of us.

There’s a big idea to do some sort of action on the Monday after the gathering, but somehow I doubt this will come to fruition. If anything, there’s a good possibility action taken by our affinity groups will wane in the lead up to the gathering. Where are we going to fit in organising stuff for Fossil Fools Day?

I hope it is fairly obvious how all of this promotes values like cooperation, solidarity, self-management, autonomy and DIY culture. What attracted me to the Climate Camp in the first place was a gathering in Leeds last year. I’d never seen such thoughtful, well organised facilitation and consensus decision making in a large group. It was inspiring – not tedious and painful at all! Hopefully someone will come out of the meeting in Glasgow with a similar feeling.


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