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Climate Camp and Scottish Climate Action
February 8, 2008, 1:28 pm
Filed under: implementation, reflective log

I talked to Paul on Tuesday and confirmed that I’ll be doing Climate Camp organising as my output for Autonomous Futures. I was a bit concerned with what constituted enough work and how open ended it might become. But, 150 hours goes quickly, especially with a two day gathering, meetings, etc. I don’t think there will be any problem with having enough to do.

We had a Scottish Climate Activists meeting on Wednesday night in Stirling. I let the group know about my coursework and made sure everyone was happy with me going ahead. I was slightly concerned that one person taking on so much of the organising might not be good for group dynamics, but everyone seems happy about it.

It was agreed that I should go ahead with trying to organise a facilitation workshop leading up to gathering. I’m also thinking about an afternoon of mock facilitation after the workshop where we can give each other suggestions and ideas.

I’m going to be taking on food buying for the weekend as well as helping with venues for meetings and entertainment. Agenda setting and facilitation will come after the Nottingham gathering. A kids space is being planned and we also want to have an info night/film screening on the Friday before the gathering.

We’re hoping the gathering will be a good opportunity to get new Scottish people involved in the process. Usually the gatherings (and the camp!) are so far away that it is difficult for people to come along. Also, last summer’s barrio was very Edinburgh centric, so we’re hoping a Glasgow meeting will draw them into the process, as well more people from up north.

Fossil Fools Day is on the backburner until the next meeting in two weeks.

There is a new newsletter being put out by the group called What Better Time? Issue Two is at the printers and we’re working on getting a distribution list together. I haven’t been involved up to this point, but I’m planning on putting something together for Issue three. We’re aiming for the first week of March to have it printed and distributed. The aim is to make it monthly after that.


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