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Minutes from February 6th climate activist meeting
February 7, 2008, 10:23 pm
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– Next meeting will be Thursday 21st February in Edinburgh: 5.30pm at Jon/Sam/Tom’s flat, 7 Melville
– After that: meetings will happen every 2 weeks on Thursdays at 6.30pm. The meetings will rotate between Glasgow Edinburgh and Stirling
– This can be changed if it conflicts for too many people not at the meeting (we were eight people for
whom it worked)


Shout Outs

Saving Iceland/EF Gatherings
– Saving Iceland and Earth First gatherings in Nottingham on 23/24 February — get in touch with
Katie immediately if you’d like to go to the Saving Iceland gathering (they need to know numbers)

Faslane Peace Camp Benefit
– Monday February 11th at the 13th Note in Glasgow


What Better Time Than Now
– Check out the website! A monthly newsletter on Scottish climate happenings and issues
– Sam has been doing most of layout and writing up to this point, but would like more people involved
– January issue at printers
– Aiming for first week of March to have next issue printed, and consistenly monthly after that
– Decided that Scottish Climate Action meetings (these meetings!) are a good forum for discussing the
newsletter, but nitty gritty editing will be done on a separate list – email to be added
– Distribution: It is being printed in Glasgow. Need to get about half sent over to Edinburgh. Shannon to ask Lucy if she can bring them with her when she comes. Beth to pick them up and get them to Lucy(not sure about this?)
– Sam will make list of places to distribute and put on list so people can add to it. Shannon volunteered
to post stuff.
– We will pay for posting the first issue out of pocket, but will need to fundraise costs after that.


Scottish Climate Action as coursework
– Shannon is taking a Masters and would like to use Scottish Climate Action stuff as part of her work.
Doesn’t involve any research, just making stuff happen.
– Everyone is cool with this. Keep her in line if she’s taking over!!


Update from Leeds Climate Camp Gathering
– We had an update. Minutes from the meeting will be posted to the list soon. Look out for them! Next meeting is in Nottingham on the 1st/2nd of March. Scotland will be hosting the gathering on April


Climate Camp National Gathering Scotland

– Need to confirm as soon as possible for travellers
– We would like it to be Glasgow to help expand the network there. Last year neighbourhood was Edinburgh dominant.

– The Phoenix Centre in Glasgow is provisionally booked
– Mel to find out if we can sleep there and if it is accessible. If so, we will confirm.
– If not, we must have a venue by next meeting at the latest. Beth to look at Pierce in Glasgow, Shannon to look at the Drill Hall in Edinburgh.

– Shannon wants to organise facilitation training workshops before the event to get us skilled up and
confident to take things on at the gathering, etc.
– She will get in touch with Dan who is already organising something
– We will be able to get help from people in other areas, but it will be a good opportunity for us to
gain experience

– We have a confident kitchen crew from the camp ready to coordinate meals – need a coordinator or two for four meals plus breakfasts, will decide slots closer
to date
– Shannon will deal with food ordering (contacts at Green City, Grow Wild and others)
– ask Mel to ask the Phoenix about kitchen equipment available there (how many big puts, how much cutlery, etc) — also: does Mel want to continue being the venue contact, or would she like to pass this on?
– get list of equipment needed to Sam and ask Trident Ploughshares to lend what we need

Kids Space
– It’s happening and it will be great! Lots of enthusiasm to make this a really kid friendly gathering
– Must keep this in mind for sleeping arrangements too: a separate room/space for early to bed and a
quiet event in the evening for families and those who don’t want to go out drinking.

– Far and wide to get new people involved!
– We want to do a Friday night film/info event on the 4th of April to welcome new people and give them some background on Climate Camp before the gathering
– Beth to find someone to contact venues like CCA
– Other publicity will be dealt with closer to date

– We want this separate from our meeting/sleeping
– Katie to look into spaces to run our own bar/party (so we can raise money from bar takings)
– Shannon and Sam will help looking at venues
– Sam willing to do the bar later on
– Start looking at venues like the 13th Note in case we can’t get a space to organise a bar party
– Abi wants to dj! We have band contacts but will decide on entertainment once we know what kind of
venue we’ll be using

– We have £300 from finance to get started
– We are trying to get food on credit
– We may ask for donations/contribution on the door if there are extra costs
– We would like to use the Saturday night entertainment as an opportunity to raise funds
– Shannon will talk to finance to see if we need to pay the £300 back
– Where will money for publicity come?
– Budgets will be sorted closer to date, but we have enough to get started
– Shannon talked to Garry and he expects to have remaining money owed in the next couple weeks.

Welcome Desk
– We will need one. Someone greeting new people, letting them now how everything works, taking travel pool contributions and giving out meal tickets, etc. We should be able to get help from other people, but need to cover at least the first morning of the gathering ourselves and Sunday morning too. Can you help with this?

– It’s cool if people want to plan an excursion the day after the gathering. Encourage people to stay an
extra day and go for a nice walk?

That’s all!


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